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ZiggyNa is virtual site designed to share information, photos and other things with family, friends and relatives. But since it is here it also serves to give out information about unique works and programs developed by Carroll "Ziggy" Levison. Through works and adventures so far, some unique software, tools, writings and other websites have come into being. Feel free to look around for those unique things that may interest you.

Though this site is not meant to be a professional resume nor a resale site for any product, a brief resume is included for those who may be interested. This site was not intended to show all of the technical talents learned and may not be kept current. As time permits, new items will be posted but not with any regularity.

One popular link is the 'How Do I ...' link. This is a direct link to instructions for setting up calendar reminders to your cell phone with no additional costs (beyond any SMS Text Messaging fees from your carrier). It does however give a preview of documentation and training that will soon be available on other sites.

All of the photos and other material on these pages are copyrighted by the owner of the site and may not be used without permission. If you would like to use any of the photos or articles found here, please use the contact page to request permission.

Latest Works

MCTester MCTester is a simple multiple choice testing program. Test files are simple text files that can be modified as desired. The program displays the questions in a random fashion and keeps track of correct/incorrect answers.

Bedroom Controller

IN THE WORKS. No TV or cable in your bedroom? No problem so long as you have a computer and wireless. Master controller program to provide you TV, radio and alarm functionality using a computer instead.

What's New

Jul 18, 2014 - Moved everything to the cloud so I can start shutting down servers at home. Lots to do and some links may no longer work while I continue updating in my spare time. Check back for more updates later.

Jun 1, 2013 - Out on my own again and started a new company. Click on the link for Walhalla Consulting to see what I am currently doing and what my company can do.

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